• How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube – Intermediate

    Intermediate Method

    The intermediate method isn’t really a set method of doing the cube – it’s more of a stepping stone on the way to learning the full advanced method.

    In this method, the last layer is done differently. The beginner method for the last layer is easier to learn as there are fewer algorithms, but it is slow. If you want to start cutting down your time, then you need to start learning the advanced method, CFOP (more detail on the advanced page). However, there are a lot of algorithms to learn for full CFOP, so this intermediate method is about how to split up some of the stages so you need to learn fewer algorithms. This is actually called 2-look OLL and 2-look PLL, if you want to get technical about it.

    This method starts in exactly the same way as the beginner method – cross, corners, and second layer. Then you go on to:

    Step 1 – 2-look OLL
    This step aims to complete the last face, regardless of the position of the cubies, like this:

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