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Kupendeza Concerns (simply called Kupendeza) is a specialty educational tool organisation that focuses on toys, games and puzzles that stimulate the brain.

Kupendeza is a Swahili word that means “Pleasing” or “Interesting” in English.  The name was specifically chosen to reflect the mission of our organisation which is to deal in products that are interesting and pleasing and at the same time please our customers in every way that we reasonably can.

Kupendeza currently markets the Rubik’s cube, one of the world’s coolest puzzles.  In addition to selling plain Rubik’s cubes, we also customise the Rubik’s cube (and its derivatives) as promotional corporate gift items for organisations.  Riding on the iconic brand “Rubik’s” is a sure way of giving your business the wide visibility that it deserves.

Derivatives of the Rubik’s cube include Rubik’s pen pot, Rubik’s USB flash drive, Rubik’s highlighter, Rubik’s pen, Rubik’s flashlight, Rubik’s key-chain amongst others.

At Kupendeza, you will also find a variety of exciting toys ranging from the 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 Rubik’s cubes (and so on…) to Rubik’s cube accessories, electronic games, 3D puzzles and other Rubik’s puzzles such as the ‘Twist’ and the ‘Magic’.

Kupendeza Concerns is the distributor and marketing arm of LH Resources Limited, the exclusive licensee of Seven Towns Limited, UK (the patent owner of the Rubik’s brand) and Intermedasia Limited, Hong Kong (the exclusive worldwide distributor licensee of the Rubik’s Cube promotional brand) in Nigeria.

Our effective and efficient structure ensures that our products are obtainable either directly from us or through our distributors and outlets across the country.

In general, we do the following:

  • Market educational toys, games and puzzles including Rubik’s Cubes and its derivatives.
  • Provide customized branding of Rubik’s Cube promotional gift items.