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At Kupendeza, we definitely appreciate our customers and we constantly look for ways to reward them for their loyalty.
1. The “Tell-A-Friend” Reward Program
Cool, so now that you’ve gotten to our website, surely you’ve made a purchase or maybe you are about to!
Why not refer a friend to our website and get a 5% Gift Voucher off their initial purchase.

Just tell them to quote your name and phone number while making their purchase and we’ll get in touch with you soonest with your present of a 5% Gift voucher of their total initial purchase.

Surely, you can redeem your voucher with any product on our site.
This is simply our way of saying “THANK YOU”. So start referring IMMEDIATELY, because the more friends you refer the more gift vouchers you obtain!

2. The Five Percent (5%) Gift Voucher
You instantly get a 5% Gift Voucher with every purchase over N10, 000 (this is redeemable at next purchase).